Structure and Management

The management and control bodies of the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology are:

• General Assembly
• Management Board
• Chairman
• Control Board
• Executive Director

The auxiliary bodies are:

Extended Management Board, sitting and temporary committees created by resolution of the Management Board and working after rules adopted by the Management Board.
The activity of the Chamber may be assisted by an Executive Bureau, the composition and competence of which are defined by the General Assembly.
The Chamber is represented by its managing body in the person of the MB Chairman and/or its Executive Director.
General Assembly
The General Assembly is the supreme body of the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology and consists of all Chamber members.

The General Assembly:

1. adopts and amends the Articles of Association;
2. adopts other internal acts;
3. elects and dismisses the Chairman of the Chamber’s Management Board;
4. elects and dismisses members of the Management Board and the Control (Supervisory) Board;
5. adopts resolutions for opening and shutting of branches;
6. adopts resolutions for participation in other organizations;
7. adopts resolutions for reorganization or termination of the Chamber;
8. adopts the main directions of the Chamber’s activity, determines the strategy and suitable programmes regarding the Chamber’s activity in the industry.
9. adopts the annual budget and the financial activity report of the Chamber;
10. adopts resolutions regarding the payability and the amount of the entrance and the annual member fees, as well as the terms for their payment, established pursuant to a methodology approved with resolution of the General Assembly;
11. adopts the Management Board’s activity report;
12. repeals resolutions of the rest of the association’s bodies, which contradict the law, the Articles of Association or other internal acts regulating the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology’s activity;
13. adopts resolutions on admission of honorary members of the chamber;
14. adopts other resolutions envisaged in the Articles of Association.
The General Assembly is called upon the Management Board’s initiative or upon request by one third of the Chamber’s members.